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2 July, all eyes on digital

2 July, all eyes on digital


AlmavivA sponsors annual Assinform event in collaboration with Confindustria Digitale

“Digital: energy for innovation, sustenance for growth” The title for the annual meeting, chosen by leading representatives from the ICT industry, says it all on the state of digitalisation in Italy, and future prospects.

The trigger is the 46th edition of the Assinform Report, and the launch of a "Manifesto" for digital growth in Italy. 
Over a thousand attendees are expected at the meeting organised by Assinform and Confindustria Digitale for 2 July at the Expo 2015 auditorium in Milan.

Entrepreneurs, government representatives, managers, parliamentarians and academics will exchange ideas on the role of digitalisation for the future of Italy at this event which aims to break away from traditional approaches. The goal is to not limit debate to the challenges to be faced and the role of all things digital in overcoming these, but to provide operational direction as regards what should be done today to improve efficiency in all sectors from Government to Made-in-Italy production, and to do business, creating employment and well-being. All this is explored through written contributions that go straight to the point, summarised in the “Digital for growth – Manifesto for an Italy that believes it can do it”, which will be presented together with the Assinform Report.

To better emphasise growth as connected to technological innovation, Assinform is promoting the #digitalWWWeek campaign, a series of events on a wide range of topics related to spreading Information Technology.

Would you like to find out more?

  • Visit the Assinform website
  • Go to the CorCom Special Report where you'll find “From policy to execution”, comments from Alberto Tripi, President of the AlmavivA Group and of the Internationalisation Steering Committee at Confindustria Digitale