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Media Duemila interviews the CEO Valeria Sandei

Media Duemila interviews the CEO Valeria Sandei


Almawave and shared intelligence in the era of convergence

sandei3.jpgFollowing the introduction of new technologies, TV viewing has changed radically. The virtual communities, in fact, now play a key role in the development of TV programs. They are formed and animated by expert users who operate in an environment of user generated contents.

It's not enough to be on FB, TV channels must choose and use the social media in an entirely new manner, to foster an "enhanced" use of the audiovisual media in which the user becomes the main character within the narrative.

The analysis of the social networks to survey the opinions that TV viewers then share in the Web is strategic for implementing and perfectly integrating the various instruments of the age of convergence and for monitoring TV (and other) phenomena.

For several years now Almawave has been investing in technologies for interpreting natural language and its solutions now enable increasingly sophisticated analyses of the world of the Social Media and of Sentiment Analysis, in near real time, based on written and audio contents from public sources: websites, social networks, blogs, forums, newspapers.

Continue reading the interview in the May 2013 issue of Media Duemila