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AlmavivA sponsors Dynatrace Perform Day 2015

AlmavivA sponsors Dynatrace Perform Day 2015


The dates to remember are 26 May in Milan and 28 May in Rome, at the premises of EATALY

DYNATRACE PERFORM DAY is coming soon. There are a number of innovations promised by this year's event, promoted by the world leader in Digital Performance Management. The event seeks to share the successful experiences of its customers in managing application performance and examining the major digital challenges facing the IT sector.

This year, to coincide with the EXPO, Dynatrace has decided to double up on its PERFORM DAY with two separate events in Milan and Rome, and to transfer the theme of “feeding the planet” to the world of informatics based on the concept FEED YOUR APP. The purpose is to highlight how the current IT application environment requires constant care and attention to optimise the user experience and guarantee quality, reliability and availability on an ongoing basis.

In a world where all things digital are making significant changes to the rules of business by providing fluid models that evolve rapidly, we are experiencing a major transformation in the way in which users access and utilise services and information. Applications are becoming an essential asset for companies, making it necessary to carefully evaluate every aspect associated with their performance from the perspective of quality and their ability to guarantee flexibility and scalability, so they can continue to quickly provide highly advanced services, at affordable prices.

It will be the customers themselves that will speak about how the rules of their business are undergoing considerable changes, and how it has been possible to ensure the best digital performance thanks to Dynatrace, and guarantee a superior user experience.

The dates to remember are 26 May in Milan and 28 May in Rome, at the premises of EATALY, where you will have the opportunity to experience two days filled with information, ideas and deliberation that will involve customers and also experts from Dynatrace, who will explain the potential of the latest digital performance management solutions. The line-up will also include the partners committed to proactively addressing the digital transformation together with Dynatrace.

Do you want to register for the event? Visit the site.