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The AlmavivA Green indicated by Legambiente as being among the best Italian businesses at the Premio all'Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente 2013

The AlmavivA Green indicated by Legambiente as being among the best Italian businesses at the Premio all'Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente 2013


The AlmavivA Green indicated by Legambiente as being among the best Italian businesses at the Premio all'Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente 2013



“Sustainability, intelligence, beauty”: the Italian way to the green economy is the theme discussed by the representatives of 151 companies that participated in the 13th edition of the Innovazione Amica dell'Ambiente 2013 Award, promoted by Legambiente, with Confindustria, Region of Lombardia, Milan Polytechnic, Bocconi University, and with the contribution of the Cariplo Foundation.
The AlmavivA Green project, among the 151 applications of interest for the environment, the quality of life of the public, workers and the local communities, was mentioned by the jury of Legambiente, with the following motivation: “The project features elements of both social and environmental innovation, with significant results and characterized by the large-scale involvement of the trade union organizations. The project promoted by the company has involved the entire structural organization and all the human resources, with a view to reducing consumption and minimizing the overall and individual environmental impact. An IT platform has been developed to manage and monitor energy consumption, launching an awareness-raising process through the intranet service, concerning the possibility of reducing the impact on the environment, based on individual behavior, making available a tool for promoting the corporate carpooling service.”
The AlmavivA Green project has developed in three directions. Implementing patterns of behavior, organizational interventions and the management of systems and logistics aimed at reducing fuel consumption and the environmental impact of business operations. Designing and implementing the architectures of IT systems and services, consistently with the principles of energy efficiency, in order to optimize production standards. Enhancing and developing the experience, expertise and proprietary technologies built up by AlmavivA to innovate our business offering in the environmental sector.
To implement the project we have chosen an original path, which has enabled us to exploit the shared commitment to the company and the unions: we have set up a Green Team, with representatives of both the company and the plant-level unions, across the company, with the task of promoting and coordinating activities according to a detailed plan of the actions to be carried out.
“Economic development and the emergence of a large private company cannot disregard such issues as the protection of the environment - said the CEO of AlmavivA, Marco Tripi - Everyone, from governments to individuals, must adopt a responsible behavior aimed at rationalizing consumption and minimizing waste, through eco-compatible policies and behavior. This award is a great honor for us and the message is that we are doing our job. Our partnership with the unions, on such an important issue, further increases our satisfaction”.
“This award strengthens our conviction that we have launched a virtuous and strongly innovative process, also from the point of view of industrial relations - said the representatives of the plant-level unions Fim, Fiom, Uilm - Besides our satisfaction for the appreciation of the results achieved so far, it will help us present our experience, in the fields of both business and industrial relations, with a view to its replicability”.
One of the principal actions undertaken within the scope of the AlmavivA Green project is the development of the SEM - Smart Energy Management® and the expansion of the HyperCED®.

sem.pngSEM - Smart Energy Management® is the proprietary AlmavivA platform for monitoring and rationalizing the building-plants system. SEM translates as visibility, control and automation in a single instrument, because it enables the collection of data and the analysis, monitoring and recording of energy events, ranging from a single building to a building stock. Because it comprises a state-of-the-art Business Intelligence solution for supporting the decision-making process. Because it provides a Building Energy Management System dashboard for managing implementations and an effective Back Office system. SEM has been designed for the purpose of achieving the energy requalification of the buildings of complex organizations, but can also be adapted to the needs of small-to-medium entities that do not require ad hoc solutions or integration with other ICT platforms. To date, the SEM solution has been adopted by Government entities, transport companies, banks, utilities and mobile telephone companies.



Besides three regional Data Centers and a Business Continuity site, located in Italy, AlmavivA has also developed HyperCED® the leading «Cloud forEnterprise» infrastructure in Italy.
A concentrate of certified technologies capable of assisting the cloud migration of medium-to-large public and private companies, operating in a variety of sectors. Featuring a unique mix of scalability, technologies and statistical resource saturation models, HyperCED® transforms the IT infrastructure into an on-demand service with real-time provisioning capabilities.